About Us

Dakota State University is committed to building a campus community in which diversity is a fundamental value. People are different and the differences among them are what we call diversity – a natural and enriching hallmark of life. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, ethnicity, race, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, religion, disability, political viewpoints, veteran status, and gender identity/expression. A climate of healthy diversity is one in which people value individual and group differences, respect the perspectives of others, and communicate openly.

Diversity is a key to excellence in education. DSU is committed to enriching the lives of our students, faculty, and staff by providing a diverse campus where the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives is an active part of learning.

The goal of Diversity Services is to make your experience at DSU a great experience in learning. We can assist you in many ways; from admissions, advice and registration help to scholarship identification.

Diversity Services offers cross-cultural enrichment events and programs, clubs and social support groups to nurture greater understanding of others and encourage interactions across difference.

Last Updated: 7/27/12