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From the homepage: "Our goal is to deliver comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living in Japan, first-hand from Japan. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about current Japan travel and living related issues and site updates. consists of: An extensive travel guide for Japan, a living guide for prospective and current foreign residents of Japan, a large resource section about various aspects of contemporary and traditional Japan, a forum to ask questions, discuss issues and find friends." Once in the site, you can search for "Shinto" or religion and you will be directed to an informational site with various resources. The site is up to date and well organized. Window
From the homepage: "We are a non-profit volunteer organization with the objective of publicizing Japanese tradition and a correct understanding of the Shinto religion. Our organization is run by volunteer Shinto priests affiliated to Jinja Honcho (The Association of Shinto Shrines). There is no direct link, however, between this organization and Jinja Honcho." The site includes links to information regarding the Shinto faith and its practices. Window
From the "contact" page: "The International Shinto Foundation, Inc. (ISF) is an NPO accredited by the New York State and an NGO associated with the United Nations ECOSOC and DPI, has been organizing and performing various kinds of Shinto ceremonies as a part of its activities of introducing Shinto culture which deeply influenced Japanese cultural values. We installed Shinto altar for public, we have Shinto public library and tea ceremony room. When you wish to visit our office please make an appointment either by phone or e-mail in advance. Our office hours and address are as follows." The website basically supports the foundation and lists upcoming events, ceremonies, lectures and news. Window
This is an article on Shinto published in the Trincoll Journal. The article was written by N. Alice Yamada. The Trincoll Journal is "the Internet's only weekly multimedia magazine. Conceived of at the advent of WWW technology, the Journal has had an internet presence since the birth of NCSA Mosaic in 1993. The Trincoll Journal is the only weekly on-line magazine to incorporate video, sound and graphics in its articles. In addition, the Journal differs from other publications by its use of sophisticated layout and graphics, including HTML proposed Spec 3.2, Java Script and Java, and Perl. The Trincoll Journal is freely available to the estimated 45 million people who currently use the Internet. Most of its readers are students and professionals, 18-30 years of age."

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