D.Sc. IS Knowledge Courses

These courses are required for students who do not meet the knowledge requirements in information systems as specified for admission to the program. They are also recommended for those students who want to refresh their knowledge or reinforce what they have gained through experience.

INFS 601 Information Systems (3 credit hours)
Systems theory, quality, decision making, and the organizational role of information systems are introduced. Information technology including computing hardware, software and telecommunications systems is integrated into the alignment with the Enterprise's Strategy and Key Business Processes. 

INFS 605 Foundations of Programming (3 credit hours)
Planning, coding, and testing computer programs such as Object Structures that can be used for business applications. Emphasis will be on Data Theory and programming event driven graphical user interfaces.

INFS 608 Applied Statistics (3 credit hours)
This course presents an overview of statistical concepts and techniques and incorporates significant information technology integration. Statistical techniques covered in this class would include sampling, sampling distributions, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, inference procedures for population characteristics, and linear regression. Utilization of statistical software is incorporated. Technology integration includes some or all of the following: The use of Internet-based resources to supply data for analysis and information on current issues relevant to the course; the use of simulations, games, and computer applications to reinforce statistical concepts, and the introduction of software tools that enhance the summary and presentation of statistical data and analysis in a professional setting.

INFS 612 Management & Evaluation of Information Systems (3 credit hours)
Introduction to the application of information systems in organizations and the role of managers in providing IS services to the organization. While the course includes a survey of the various topics that comprise information systems, it also focuses on Business Process Analysis, Problem Identification, Business Process Problems, Process Mapping, Modeling Enterprise Processes, Measuring Enterprise Processes, and Evaluating Enterprise Processes, Benchmarking, Business Process Reengineering, and Creating Alternative Recommendations.

INFS 614 An Introduction to Research (3 credit hours)
The course presents students with the concepts and skills necessary to formulate, design, and execute research projects. Topics include: Definition of research and the nature of scientific inquiry, components of the research project, managing the research project, writing and presenting, and an overview of research methods.

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