D.Sc. IS Program Requirements

Full-time students with a master's degree in information systems should be able to complete this program in 3 years. The program must be completed within 7 years of the semester of your first course. Students who do not meet the academic requirements for admission may be required to complete up to 12 additional hours of foundational coursework.

The program can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis, with classes offered in three academic terms: fall, spring, and summer. Overall, the program requirements for the D.Sc. in Information Systems include a total of 88 semester credit hours:

  • 63 credit hours of graduate course work:
    • 27 credit hours of masters-level Information Systems (MSIS) which may be waived for students with an MSIS degree
    • 9 credit hours of research methods
    • 27 credit hours of research specialization including research seminars, and core and elective courses
  • Screening examination
  • Qualifying portfolio
  • 25 credit hours of dissertation

Last Updated: 5/5/14