Research Methods Courses

The doctoral-level coursework includes 9 credit hours of research methods courses.

Doctoral-level research methods requirement (9 credit hours)

INFS 805 Design Research Methods (3 credit hours)
The course develops skills needed for conducting research whose aim is to invent methods and techniques that make information systems more effective and efficient. Students will also acquire skills in developing research proposals that follow the design research paradigm and will learn how to publish such research.

INFS 810 Qualitative Research Methods (3 credit hours)
This course helps develop knowledge and skills in the application and use of qualitative research techniques. The course provides a survey of the methodological literature on qualitative research methods paired with appropriate article-length exemplars in the information systems domain. This course covers a variety of different research strategies including case study, qualitative data collection and analysis techniques, ethnography, meta-ethnography/meta-interpretation. In addition, students acquire skills in developing a research approach, understanding and using a grounded-theory approach, and triangulation methods for strengthening research findings, and supporting methodological choices.

INFS 815 Quantitative Research Methods (3 credit hours)
Describes uses, characteristics, and theoretical bases of research methods and data analysis. Prerequisite: INFS 608.

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