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The teacher education program at Dakota State University adopted a conceptual framework composed of six core values. These core values aligned to the College of Education's vision and mission statements combine to endure future educators have the knowledge, skills and dispositions to help students learn, develop, and reach their fullest potential.

A standards-based approach to the preparation of K-12 teachers provides a universal set of performance indicators that all teacher education candidates are expected to know and be able to perform upon graduation from Dakota State University.

The DSU Teacher Education Standard explicitly state what knowledge, skills and dispositions a candidate must know or be able to perform in order to successfully progress through DSU's teacher education program. These standards provided an entry-level framework for beginning teachers and are based upon state and the Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards.

Dakota State University is truly dedicated to building a state and national reputation for preparing high-quality K-12 Teachers.


Gale Wiedow"The Dakota State University teacher education programs are dynamic, technology rich programs which prepare future educators to be future problem solvers.

Our graduates' unique skills integrate technology into teaching to create interest and extend learning. Technology has changed the role of teachers by allowing more personal interaction between students and administration. In preparing highly effective teachers, K-12 students become better learners."

Dr. Gale Wiedow, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, College of Education

Last Updated: 10/1/13