Technically Better Degrees

Better degreesTechnology is integrated into all facets of our curriculum including those degrees traditionally not considered "high-tech," like English or elementary education.

Our faculty are experts in teaching with technology, including both the Tablet PC technology and industry-standard software. This includes faculty in areas that some may traditionally not consider "high-tech." This is DSU, everything is technically better, even our English and elementary education degrees.

Our future elementary and secondary education teachers take a multimedia and web development education course that gives them hands-on experience developing, experimenting with and mastering the very latest technological innovations. Graduating students can be certified as Thinkfinity trainers, a highly sought after education technology credential.

English for New Media students will find themselves learning not only skills for the present media, but developing skills for the future. In some classes, professors even record audio and video feedback on digitally submitted papers. Students learn the role technology plays in the modern writing through classes in computers, writing and literature, web publishing and contemporary myth and media. It's your traditional English degree upgraded for the digital age.

Last Updated: 2/27/12