Technically Better Labs

Better Science labs

Students work with the latest technology used by professionals in the scientific field. From using industry standard software in chemistry labs to the ventricular arms to hold Tablet PC's off the bench top during experiments, students receive the real life tech experience.

With a newly renovated Science Center, Dakota State's natural science department not only offers the latest in chemistry, biology and physics labs, but students are able to take advantage of using technology that paves the way for jobs at Hematech, NASA, Los Alamos and other leading scientific organizations.

DSU students taking both general education science courses or those pursuing a degree in biology for information systems or physical science have the advantage of working with software used be industry experts. They use Pasco instrument to interface with the Tablet PC's to collect measurements such as temperature, pH, conductivity and pressure. This sure beats the old thermometer and pH strips!

Last Updated: 2/10/12