Graduate Office Forms

The Graduate Office has supplied these digital forms for your use. If the form needed is not in the list below or if you have any questions regarding one of the forms then please contact the graduate office.

Application forms

D.Sc. IS







4 + 1 Program Application

Special Student Application (non-degree seeking)

Recommendation Form                 


Assistantship forms

D.Sc. IS






Other forms

Application for Credit by Examination

Course Substitution

Declaration and Certification of Finances

K-12 Teacher Tuition Reduction BOR Form
(For SD teachers only)

Petition for Credit Transfer

Readmission Petition After Suspension

Readmission Petition After Withdrawal

Undergraduate Exception


Doctor of Science in Information Systems (D.Sc.)

D.Sc. IS Timeline and Key Milestones

D.Sc. IS plan of study guidelines

Sample plan of study for D.Sc. IS

D.Sc. IS research seminar guidelines

D.Sc. IS comprehensive exam guidelines

D.Sc. IS portfolio guidelines

D.Sc. IS dissertation guidelines

D.Sc. Dissertation Chair Approval Form

D.Sc. Dissertation Committee Approval Form

D.Sc. Scheduling Dissertation Proposal Defense

D.Sc. Scheduling Dissertation Final Defense

D.Sc. Portfolio Completion Form

Dissertation Defense Final Approval

D.Sc. Completion of Dissertation Proposal Defense

D.Sc. Completion of Dissertation Final Defense


Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI)

MSHI Plan of Study

MSHI Project Idea Approval Form

MSHI Project Plan Approval Form

MSHI Project Approval Form

MSHI Project Format, Style, & Preparation

MSHI Project Template

MSHI Project Assessment Guidelines


Master of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA)

MSIA Plan of Study

MSIA Internship Syllabus

MSIA Internship Procedure Form

MSIA Internship Intern Form 

MSIA Internship Request Form

MSIA Internship Final Report


Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

MSIS Plan of Study

MSIS Project Template

MSIS Project Idea Approval

MSIS Project Proposal Plan Approval

MSIS Project Approval


Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET)

MSET Thesis Approval Form


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