SD Residency Requirements

Determination of South Dakota residency

To be classified as a South Dakota resident, a student must:

  • have been a bona fide emancipated resident of the state for at least 12 months; or
  • be the spouse or minor dependent of an emancipated person who has moved to the state for employment; or
  • have married a bona fide resident of South Dakota.

To change his/her state of residence to South Dakota for tuition purposes, a student must make application and be granted South Dakota residency by the Enrollment Services Center in Vermillion. The request to change residency status may be obtained from the Enrollment Services Office at DSU.

The request, along with all supporting documents, must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Center in Vermillion no later than the last day of late registration for the semester for which a student is applying for residency.

Physical presence in South Dakota for the predominant purpose of attending a university or other institution of higher learning does not count in determining the twelve-month period of residence.

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Last Updated: 2/22/12