Tuition and Fees

Costs for graduate school include tuition and fees, program specific fees, program delivery/course location, housing and food, books and supplies, and personal miscellaneous costs. The costs shown here include per credit hour cost for tuition. All figures shown are for the 2014/2015 academic year. The Board of Regents establishes tuition costs. They may be changed at any time without prior notification.


Several factors impact an individual's tuition, including residency and reciprocity and location or delivery method of the class. South Dakota certified teachers, National Guard, and state employees are eligible for tuition reductions. Students who are awarded graduate assistantships also receive a reduced tuition. Graduate students who take undergraduate courses pay the undergraduate tuition rate for those courses.

Fees for graduate courses (per credit hour)

SD Resident

  • Madison campus (state-support) - $201.85
    • state employee - $100.95
    • teacher certification - $100.95
  • Sioux Falls campus - $414.85
  • State Employee at Centers - $310.20
  • On-line courses (self-support) - $414.85
  • LT prefix courses - $201.85 per credit hour plus support fees (state-support rate only)
    • All LT courses are billed at the state support rate only


  • Madison campus (state-support) - $427.30
  • Sioux Falls campus - $414.85
  • On-line courses (self-support) - $414.85
  • LT prefix courses - $427.30 per credit hour plus support fees (state-support rate only)
    • All LT courses are billed at the state support rate only

Fees (state support courses only)

  • University Support Fee - $90.30
  • General Activity Fee - $26.80

Over sixty-five

  • Madison campus - $50.45

Graduate Assistants

  • $67.25 (Graduate Assistant on campus rate)
  • $286.10 (Graduate Assistant Internet rate)

LT Prefix Courses

All LT prefix courses which include LT 712, LT 716, LT 731, LT 741, and LT 785 are billed at the state-support rate only. This means that SD residents will pay the SD resident rate for state-support courses and non-residents of SD will pay the non-resident state-support rate for all LT prefix courses. Students will pay the university support fee and general activity fees associated with state support courses.

SD National Guard members are eligible for a reduced tuition benefit equal to one-half of the resident state-support tuition rate on any hours not covered by federal education benefits, excluding Medical School. The graduate benefit is limited to 32 credit hours. The students will be billed at the full-rate with the benefit paid by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Responsibility for payment

Students are responsible for payment of tuition, fees, and any other charges owed to Dakota State University. Please go to the Cashier's website to learn more about payment information.

Failure to attend class will not cancel the student's financial obligation to the university. Registration is not complete until all tuition and fees are paid in full. All fees, payments, and fines must be satisfied before any student records will be released and before a student is certified for graduation.

BOR Reduced Tuition for SD K-12 teachers

Elementary and secondary teachers and vocational instructors who meet specifically identified criteria are eligible for a 50 percent tuition reduction for some courses at Board of Regents universities. The benefit is available for "classes, courses and instructional programs directly supported by moneys appropriated from the general fund." The benefit is limited to six credit hours per year. Off-campus courses and distance courses are self-funded courses, and thus are not eligible for the tuition reduction program.

In order to qualify for the 50 percent reduction tuition, you must complete form 250-97 available on the BOR Website, obtain appropriate signatures, and submit the form to DSU at the time of registration. If you are taking eligible courses during the fall and spring terms you must be under a current teaching contract. If you are taking courses during the summer term you must be under a teaching contract for the succeeding school year to qualify for reduced tuition benefits.

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