Human Resources - Non-Faculty

Board of Regents policies governing non-faculty employees who are exempt from the Career Service Act can be found in Chapter 4 of the Board of Regents Policy Manual.


All exempt employees are employed upon the recommendation of the President and approval of the Board of Regents and will serve at the pleasure of the Board. Non-faculty exempt employees may be reassigned without cause to positions considered equivalent or lower in stature during their contract period, so long as the employee's salary is not decreased during the term of the then-current contract. An employee's contract may be terminated for cause at any time during the term of the contract.

Exempt Employee Professional Development

Exempt employees may apply for professional development leaves after three consecutive years of full-time employment in the system. Procedures are outlined in the BOR Policy 4:15.

Grievance Procedure

A formal grievance procedure for non-faculty exempt employees is contained in BOR Policy 4:8.

Personnel Records - Exempt Employees

Unless required for grievance or litigated matters, all exempt personnel records pertaining to applications for employment, to personnel investigations, to performance appraisals and to other personnel-related materials will be held confidential. An exempt employee's name, title, salary, institution and department number may be released upon request. Additional information may only be released upon written authorization signed by the employee or if traditionally released or required by management needs of the state higher education system. See BOR Policy 4:3. The official personnel files of exempt employees are maintained in the President's Office.

Working Hours

Normal working hours for exempt employees are forty hours per week. Exempt employees categorized as political, professional, executive or administrative are not eligible for overtime pay. Those not categorized in one of the aforementioned areas are subject to the FLSA overtime provisions outlined in BOR Policy 4:25.

Last Updated: 2/10/12