Food Purchasing Policy

OFFICE OF RECORD: Business Office
ISSUED BY: Vice President for Business & Administrative Services
APPROVED BY:     Jerald Tunheim, Pres                                      01-08-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 8/19/02  (Reviewed 12/21/12)



This policy applies to food purchases other than the reimbursement for travel per diem.

  1. State Accounts - No food can be purchased from state funds and funds starting with "81".
  2. Registration Fees - Food purchases for an event such as a camp, conference, or banquet where fees have been collected from participants to cover the food costs are allowable. University or state funds cannot be used to pay for meals included in a registration fee for an employee attending at their home station.
  3. Grant Funds - Grant funds can be used to purchase food if specifically outlined and approved in the grant award.
  4. Institutional Representation Funds - Funds are available to the president and vice presidents for hospitality purposes, including food. Food expenses for accreditation visits, above the per diem allowance for the reviewers, can be paid from the institutional representation account. A budget should be submitted during the budget process for any expected accreditation hospitality expenditures. Departments wishing to request use of hospitality funds to host an event must contact the President's Office to seek approval in advance.
  5. Agency or Foundation Funds - These sources can be used to purchase food, subject only to the limitations placed on them by the funding agency.
  6. Local Funds - Purchases of snack foods and beverages (for full meals) will be allowed from local accounts when the foods are provided for activities involving current students, prospective students, or the public. Activities such as recruiting, student orientation, ambassador training, student recognition events, scholarship banquets, graduation ceremonies or student organization activities would qualify. Justification and documentation will be required to process payments
  7. Alcohol Purchases - Under no circumstances will alcohol be purchased or employees be reimbursed for alcohol purchased during travel on institutional funds. Alcohol may be purchased under special circumstances for donor cultivation from the Foundation Hospitality agency account. Alcohol consumption will not be permitted at any DSU sponsored event that includes undergraduate students. Prior written approval from the President is required for alcohol purchases from the Foundation Hospitality account.

Last Updated: 12/21/12