TC Bookstore Textbook Policy

ISSUED BY: Bookstore Director
APPROVED BY: 01-10-01

Last revised 01/27/00


This policy recognizes that the selection of textbooks and materials for classroom use is the responsibility of the faculty. It is the responsibility of the Bookstore to assure that an adequate supply of textbooks and materials for each course is available in the Bookstore before the beginning of classes each semester.

The faculty and the Bookstore are encouraged to minimize costs to students to the extent that is feasible in the selection and purchase of textbooks for courses. This policy is designed to provide repeated usage of up-to-date texts and to encourage sound fiscal management and operation of the Trojan Center Bookstore.

Faculty are not permitted to sell books or instructional supplies except by the approval of the Bookstore Director and the College Dean.


Responsibility of the Academic Department

Each department should have a definite policy regarding the selection of textbooks for courses having multiple sections. A single selection for all sections is highly desirable (but not required) for both the student and Bookstore. Whenever a single selection is made, all involved faculty should participate in its choice.

All textbooks and ancillary material should be reviewed prior to adoption to avoid any last minute changes due to unsatisfactory selections.

To minimize cost to students, faculty should consider making optional those materials that are not used extensively. If a department determines that certain adopted materials are to be either optional or not used for certain classes, the College Dean will notify the Bookstore Director.

The Academic Council should review annual enrollment and other relevant data before projecting enrollments for the Bookstore. The Bookstore, through the Colleague System, will continually monitor enrollments for correct class counts.

It is the responsibility of the faculty member, designated person, or the College Dean to submit all textbook adoptions and enrollment projections to the Bookstore Director.

The Bookstore Director will require written notification from the faculty member before a textbook can be changed after it has been ordered.

It is the responsibility of each faculty member to secure desk copies of all texts and collateral materials.

If texts or materials are changed after the Bookstore has ordered and/or purchased them from students, the Department will pay all direct costs. This does not include cancellation of classes. The Bookstore will cover all indirect costs.
Responsibility of Bookstore Director/College Deans

Textbook adoption forms will be sent to College Deans several weeks before the due date. The Bookstore Director and/or Textbook Manager will accept textbook adoptions and requests for supplementary materials.

The Bookstore Director should take into consideration projected enrollments, pre-registration data, second hand texts in circulation, and class enrollment from previous years in determining textbook orders.

In those cases where the Bookstore Director feels that a departmental order is excessive, the faculty member or College Dean will be so notified in writing, stating the reasons for wanting to decrease the order. The faculty member, Dean and Bookstore Director will discuss the problem to reach an agreement.

The Bookstore Director will arrange a "buyback" at which students can sell their texts to the store or to the wholesaler who may conduct the buyback. For books needed by the Bookstore for the upcoming semester, the students will normally receive half of the price of a new text until the need is filled.

If a book is not being used or the College Dean cannot guarantee continued usage of the text, then the student will be offered a "wholesale" value as determined by the wholesale company conducting the buyback.

The Bookstore Director or Textbook Manager will contact wholesalers to acquire additional used books whenever necessary. The goal is to purchase as many used books from Dakota State students and supplement any additional used book needs from the national wholesalers.

Bookstore shortages of adopted texts or supplemental materials will be met by the following procedures:

  • The Dean or teaching faculty will advise the Bookstore of text needs. If more than one faculty member is using the text, a single request should be made through the College Dean. The Bookstore will reorder within 24 hours.
  • Upon receipt of reordered books, the Bookstore will notify the appropriate faculty or the College Dean who will, in turn, notify students that the books are available.
  • Students may place special orders for adopted texts and supplemental materials at no extra charge.

Last Updated: 1/24/12