Snow Removal

OFFICE OF RECORD: Business Office
ISSUED BY: Director of Physical Plant
APPROVED BY: 01-40-00

(Revised 10/29/07)



The removal of snow and ice from campus sidewalks and parking areas is the responsibility of the Physical Plant personnel. This is done to provide access to the campus and buildings prior to the start of the day's normal operation. Custodians are responsible for clearing steps and walkways from their immediate buildings to a point where motorized equipment can be used to make facilities accessible as soon as possible.


Snow Alert Issued:

After a snow fall of two (2) inches or more, a snow removal alert will be issued and the parking areas will be cleared of snow. Snow removal will begin as posted on the day following the snow removal alert.

Cars must be removed from campus parking areas as posted on the day following the snow removal alert and may be parked in the Mundt Library lot and the Fieldhouse lot. Cars must be returned to regularly assigned lots as soon as possible after snow removal has been completed. Any cars not moved for snow removal will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

This policy will be in effect both during days that classes are in session and during weekends, holidays, and breaks.

Announcements of snow removal will be posted on the main floor of each campus building. Drivers using any of the listed parking areas will be responsible for checking those announcements after each snowfall. The Director of the Physical Plant will also send out an All-Staff and All-Student email announcing the snow removal.

(Info taken from Parking Regulations, 01-80-00, Section IX)

Snow Removal:

Priority for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and parking areas is as follows:

  1. Sidewalks from residence halls to the Food Service
  2. Main walks to other buildings
    1. Sidewalk from Zimmermann west through the center core to the Karl Mundt Library
    2. Building entrances to the center core
    3. Building entrances to the campus perimeter
  3. Karl Mundt Library lot is cleared as soon as possible to allow vehicles with red or blue decals to park while their assigned lots are being cleared.
  4. 8-plex and Alumni/Foundation parking lots will be cleared after the campus proper. If snow removal needs to be cleared by outside vendor, the Physical Plant Director will notify Residence Life and/or Foundation Director.

The Physical Plant will coordinate with the City of Madison to provide street access to the campus. As soon as conditions permit, the snow and ice removal will proceed.

If conditions prohibit school activities, cancellation or delay of classes will be announced on the local radio station (KJAM), KELO, KSFY and KDLT TV stations, and several Sioux Falls radio stations. Cancellation of academic classes held at the University Center in Sioux Falls are handled through the University Center office.

Last Updated: 1/24/12