Karl E. Mundt Library Building Policy

OFFICE OF RECORD: Karl E. Mundt Library
ISSUED BY: Director of Library
APPROVED BY: Douglas Knowlton, Pres                  01-50-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 5/31/00 (Revised 12/16/10)



Dakota State University's Karl E. Mundt Library & Learning Commons is a research and study facility. The facilities the Library provides for the University community include the book stack areas, reading tables, lounge areas, group study rooms, a classroom, electronic classroom space, an art gallery, and space for other library activities and events. It is expected that one patron will not impinge on the rights of other patrons.

The Library building also houses the Karl E. Mundt Educational & Historical Foundation. It is a private foundation. Use of the foundation area is separately controlled and governed by the Mundt Foundation Office.


The DSU Karl E. Mundt Library & Learning Commons Building Policy is part of the University's overall policy structure and should be interpreted in conjunction with other existing policies and laws. Behavior and use of the Library's building is governed by the policy statement provided in this document, other relevant University policies, and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Individuals using these facilities should be particularly aware of the policies which apply to discrimination, harassment and equal opportunity and those which apply to the appropriate use of university facilities. These and other policies can be found in major University policy documents, including: DSU Policies and Procedures Manual, DSU Faculty Staff Handbook and the DSU Student Handbook.

Public Access Workstations

The publicly accessible workstations located in the library are intended to be used for research purposes only. See DSU "Electronic Information Policy for Library Users" for additional information.

Rules of Library Conduct

The following Rules of Library Conduct are to ensure the best and most fair use of the library for all our patrons. Please report any violations to circulation desk staff.

Persons who do not abide by the library policies may be asked to leave, banned from the building, or arrested depending upon the offense committed. The library may refer students to the DSU Code of Conduct committee for review.

Please note the following:

  1. Children under 12 must have adult supervision at all times.
  2. Service dogs--those trained to assist people with disabilities--are welcome in the building. They must be properly identified at all times by harness or uniform.
  3. Attire appropriate to a public building is required, including shoes.
  4. Rules of Quiet are enforced on the second floor after patron complaints are received by the Main Desk staff. Quiet conversations and music /computer devices that do not disturb others are permitted in study areas of the second floor. Group study should be held in one of the available group study rooms.
  5. Patrons may be required to show valid DSU identification.
  6. Library materials must be utilized in accordance with Library Circulation policies and procedures. Patrons are liable for all costs resulting from damage, loss or late return.
  7. The following behaviors are not permitted in the library:
    • Use of tobacco products
    • Criminal Acts
    • Rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards,etc.
    • Vandalism
    • Radios / Music devices without headphones
    • Weapons
    • Misuse of phones
    • Drunkenness
    • Disorderly or disruptive behavior
    • Soliciting or Proselytizing
    • Posting of flyers except in approved locations
    • Abusive, insulting, or threatening language
    • Verbal, physical, or sexual harassment

The Library building is compliant with current ADA regulations.

Last Updated: 1/24/12