Dakota State University Logo Usage

OFFICE OF RECORD: Public Relations & Marketing Office
ISSUED BY: Director of Public Relations & Marketing
APPROVED BY: 01-63-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 12/19/95 (Revised 7/08/04)



There will be a uniform and consistent presentation of Dakota State University print and electronic publications, materials, and products for distribution both on- and off-campus. All materials, websites, e-communications and products prepared by faculty, staff, and students of Dakota State will display the logo and identifier in accordance with the following procedures.


The Public Relations & Marketing Office is responsible for assisting faculty, staff, and students in using the University's logos. Any questions concerning usage should be directed to the Public Relations & Marketing Office.

The Dakota State University logo is shown in Example 1.

Example 1:
DSU Logo


The color scheme is:

Pantone (Solid to Process) Yellow (100%) Reflex Blue PC
CMYK 0   0   100   0 100   73   0   2
RGB 255   242   0 0   84   164
Hex #fff200 #0054a4


The fonts used are Guanine TTF and AvantGarde Bk BT TTF. Fonts are converted to shapes and embedded in the vector files.


The logo files can be found at the logos page under DSU News. Do not alter the logo type or rearrange any of the elements. Be sure that the logo is always crisply reproduced from authorized proofs - from the website or provided by the Production Center.

Color Treatment

In a one-color project, the logo can be used in all Black (grayscale) or all Reflex Blue. In a two-color project, the logo must be used in Pantone Yellow and Pantone Reflex Blue. All other variations must be approved by the Public Relations & Marketing Office.

Official Paper Usage

Letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, and business cards must be ordered from the Dakota State University Production Center. There is one official version of each of the following: letterhead, envelopes, and mailing labels. There are three official versions of business cards to choose from, and they can be viewed at the Production Center. Information on business cards is based on individual needs, however, they will be printed on white linen with Pantone Reflex Blue ink.

Use of the DSU Seal

The Dakota State Seal (Example 2) is to be used only on official documents and materials. It should be printed in either black or Pantone Reflex Blue or may be embossed.

Example 2:
DSU Seal

Use of the Athletic Logo

The Dakota State University athletic logo should only be used in connection with athletic events, appropriate student activities, or appropriate advertising. The athletic logo shown below (Example 3) is the only official athletic logo that should be used. No other variation or designs should be used unless there is approval from the Public Relations & Marketing Office or the Athletic Director. The Trojan can be printed in 2-color or black or Pantone Reflex Blue.

Example 3:
DSU Athletics

Additional Logos

Campus departments that develop a unique logo related to their respective DSU function within the University or a specific event hosted by their department must contact the Public Relations and Marketing Office for approval and guidance on appropriate usage.

Last Updated: 1/24/12