Classroom and Computer Laboratory Scheduling

OFFICE OF RECORD: Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Registrar
APPROVED BY: David B. Borofsky                                                      01-84-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 10-25-89 (Revised 4/3/13)



Faculty and staff are encouraged to fully utilize the facilities available at Dakota State University. Academic classroom space, including laboratories, is reserved through an online room reservation system or the College Office in each classroom building. For guidelines on use by non-DSU personnel, please refer to DSU Policy 01-76-00, Facility Use and Rental.


Classes listed in the University's academic schedule have first priority for use of academic space. Academic space includes classrooms, auditoriums, science laboratories, and computer laboratories (including specialized laboratories). Exceptions may be granted for special functions and university-wide events.

  • All scheduling shall take place using the online room reservation system, located at
  • The individual requesting use of the space is responsible for seeking approval of the CIO for any required movement of equipment or allocation of specific software.
  • The individual requesting use of the space is responsible for contacting Computing Services staff if any presentation equipment or assistance is needed.
  • Decisions regarding student access to computer labs will be made based on special function or specific software availability in the lab and the student's enrollment in a class which uses the lab facility.
  • During the academic year, biometric access will be used for selected campus computer labs, and after-hours lab access.
  • During vacations and summer, biometric access is not activated.  Access to computer and other labs is only available during normal business hours.
  • Instructor or College Office will give approval for access.
  • Any use of computer labs is subject to Policy 03-61-00-Computing Privileges.


Last Updated: 5/6/13