All-Student Email Policy

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of the President
ISSUED BY: President
EFFECTIVE DATE: 7/22/10 (Reviewed 11/29/12)
APPROVED BY:  David B. Borofsky                            01-92-00



In accordance with BOR policy 3:19, DSU establishes the following policy to govern the use of "all-student emails." Though there may be times where all-student emails are appropriate, it is the intended purpose of this policy to establish guidelines for the use of this function. The BOR policy (3:19) states:

"Each university shall have a written policy that governs the use of the student e-mail system. The policy will address communication with students by colleges, academic units, student services units, and other university organizations that plan to use the email system to contact all or a subset of their university students. The policy will address appropriate approvals to screen and approve messages to be distributed. The policies will aim to ensure that students do not receive a large number of messages and that only messages strictly related to official college or academic unit business will be distributed."

Only those faculty/staff with authorized access may send emails to all students. Authorization is given only by the President of the university and/or his designee. For a list of faculty/staff members who have authorization, please contact Computing Services.

Guidelines for All-Student Emails:

Emails that are requested to be sent to all students must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The email must be time-critical information which has a major impact to a majority of students (distance and on-campus) i.e., registration information, campus closings, emergency notifications, general educational interests such as study abroad opportunities, etc.
  • The email is related to a condition of enrollment at DSU i.e., financial aid information, scholarship notices, etc.
  • The email is intended to warn or notify students of potential risks to health and/or safety i.e., Clery Act-related notices, community health notices, etc.

The procedure for sending All-Student emails will be as follows:

  • Send request to the appropriate supervisor in your area (for faculty that would be the appropriate Dean; for all others it would be the appropriate Vice President).
  • The supervisor will screen the notice to make sure that at least one of the above criteria is met.
  • The supervisor will send the notice out on the requestor's behalf. The supervisor will be sure to change the "Direct Replies to" function in Outlook so that all responses will go directly to the individual requesting to have the email sent out. The supervisor will also ensure that the message contains the intended recipients, meaningful subject line, and signature block with the sender, sender's department affiliation, office telephone number and email address.
  • If the email does not satisfy one of the above criteria, the supervisor will inform the requestor and suggest other means of notification.

Alternative to All-Student Email:

It is recommended that most notices to students be posted on the Since this function will allow members of the DSU community to subscribe and unsubscribe, no approval is needed to post information using this vehicle.

Last Updated: 5/20/13