Access Control and Observation Devices on Campus

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of the President
ISSUED BY: President
EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/01/11 (Revised 5/6/13)
APPROVED BY:  David B. Borofsky                                POLICY NUMBER: 01-93-00



Dakota State University uses access control observation devices to protect the safety and property of the University community. This policy is intended to establish the parameters for the installation and monitoring of the security devices.


This policy regulates the use of security devices, including observation cameras and access control devices, which have been deployed to protect the legal, property, and privacy interests of the University and the University community. The University's use of observation and access control devices is in compliance with professional and ethical standards and statutory constraints.


Installation and Compliance: Installation of observation and access control devices will be approved by the President and/or designee. The university will post signs in areas where observation cameras are installed, so that users of that space will understand that the cameras are in operation.

This policy is not intended to limit or restrict the use of observation cameras and/or access control devices installed by the University during criminal investigations. The legitimate, academic use of video or image capture activities approved by the University's Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects is also not governed by this policy.

Video is generally stored for up to 14 days.  Monitoring and review of stored or live video: Only authorized personnel, as determined by the President or appropriate University Vice President, will have access to stored or live video.  Sharing video must go through the approval procedure described below. Video linked to reported campus incidents is archived by the University until cases are resolved.

The procedure to request review of any information captured by biometric or observation devices is:

  • Send a request to the appropriate Vice President with the approximate date, time and area to be reviewed.
  • The Vice President will inform the President and, when appropriate, the Vice President of Business and Administrative Services (as the University Risk Manager) of the request.
  • If approved, a notification will be sent to Computing Services to review the information requested and provide feedback to the appropriate Vice President.

Last Updated: 5/14/13