Reference Policy for CSA Employees

OFFICE OF RECORD: Business Office
ISSUED BY: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: Doug Knowlton 02-05-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 3/23/93 (Revised 7/27/05)



This policy establishes guidelines for Dakota State University employees which can be used to respond to reference requests for Career Service employees. This policy specifically deals with references that would be given based on job related information. Personal references are not included in this policy.

It is the policy of Dakota State University to provide reference information on current and former employees. Reference information such as name, job title, salary information and dates of employment will be released upon written request. If there are questions about the origination of the request, the information will not be released until the legitimacy of the request is established. The Human Resources Office is responsible for responding to these requests.

In the event that a more complete reference check is sought, Dakota State University personnel will adhere to the following procedure.


Any current employee is allowed to release job related information about a current or former employee to prospective employers as long as the employee who is the subject of the reference check has provided a written release and waiver for each person authorized to release information. The Release and Waiver form should be completed and mailed to the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office will notify the employees that they have been listed as authorized to respond to reference checks. A copy of the Release and Waiver form is attached. Additional copies can be printed from the Forms tab on the DSU HR web site.

Any current employee who receives a request for reference and has not been authorized in writing to release information must refuse to answer the reference check. If a current employee does answer when no authorization exists they understand that they are acting as an individual and not as an agent of Dakota State University.

Any current employee who receives a telephone request for reference information must inform the caller that it is the policy of DSU to respond to written requests only.

Responses to written requests must also be in writing.

In cases where there is a request for a reference from another state agency, the designated person may respond either in writing or over the phone. A signed Release and Waiver is not necessary.

When proper authorization exists, employees are encouraged to respond to legitimate and proper reference request in a prompt manner. However, employees are not required to respond and neither this policy nor the signed Release and Waiver create any obligation to respond.

Written Requests for References Release and Waiver for CSA Employees

I authorize Dakota State University, including those individuals listed below, to furnish any prospective employer who provides a written request for reference information with information regarding my employment.

I understand that any job related information may be released and request that Dakota State University respond with full and complete information regarding my employment. I also understand that this release and waiver does not create an obligation for Dakota State or the listed individuals to respond.

Further, I waive and release Dakota State University and its authorized employees from any claims or causes of action in law or equity, including but not limited to, defamation of character or invasion of privacy which might arise from responding to a reference check.


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