Workstudy Program

ISSUED BY: Director of Financial Aid
APPROVED BY: 02-65-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 09/22/86 Revised 06/20/88 Revised 5/24/01



The Dakota State University Federal Workstudy (FWS) Program provides Federally eligible students with opportunities for work experience while completing a program of study. The FWS experience is intended to complement more formal experience obtained through the normal program of study and thereby better prepare students to select an area in which they will develop their future careers. Additionally, the students participating in the University FWS Program provide services that are vital to the operation of the University. The University FWS Program is administered by the FWS Coordinator and the Student Employment Coordinator under the direction of the Director of Financial Aid in compliance with Federal regulations.


Requests for FWS positions will be made by the respective Department Head during the preceding academic year by submitting an Allocation Request form to the FWS Coordinator. The FWS Coordinator, with approval of Executive Council, will then allocate FWS positions to the departments based on number of positions requested, prior utilization of FWS funds, and Federal allocation of funds to the FWS program.

Students will be awarded FWS based on eligibility per the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually by the Director of Financial Aid. Qualifying students, both new and continuing, are authorized for FWS funds in the order in which their eligibility is confirmed and until FWS funds are depleted. Those students who have been awarded then apply for academic year FWS positions on the basis of the students' abilities and interests, and the needs and resources of the University. Students who have been awarded summer FWS will be assigned to remaining open positions.

Students are employed in the FWS position for the fall and spring semesters, except in a small number of instances in which a single-semester employment is made. Switching of positions during the school year is discouraged and can only occur with the approval of the FWS Coordinator and the supervisors of the positions involved. A student who quits or is fired from a position must once again apply for any remaining open positions.

Guidelines and wage rates are made available annually to supervisors and students for further assistance to administer the program.

Last Updated: 1/24/12