Levels and Course Numbering of & Enrollment in Courses

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Registrar/Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
APPROVED BY: 03-05-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 09/12/88 (Last Revised: 11/28/06)



Every course offered by Dakota State University has a designated course prefix and a three-digit course number. The course prefix indicates the academic discipline; the three-digit number indicates the difficulty of the course content and, as a consequence, the academic year in which the course should be taken.

Lower-level courses (numbered 100- and 200-level) generally require no or limited prerequisite background in the discipline. Upper-level courses (numbered 300- and 400-level) build on the background of the lower-level courses and typically have course prerequisites that must be completed prior to enrollment in upper-level courses. Graduate courses (numbered 500-, 600-, 700-, and 800-level) are restricted to students who have successfully completed a bachelor's degree.

Dakota State University adheres to the common course numbering system developed at the BOR system level, as one means of facilitating student transfer of credit between institutions.


001-099 level courses Pre-college, remedial skills, special improvement (non-degree credit)
100 level courses Freshman
200 level courses Sophomore
300 level courses Junior
400 level courses Senior
500 level courses Entry level graduate; may be dual listed with a 400 level undergraduate course and may include limited enrollment by undergraduates
600 level courses Graduate level; open to undergraduates only by exception approved by VPAA
700 level courses Graduate level; open to graduate students only.
800 level courses Doctoral and Post-doctoral level; open to doctoral and post-doctoral students only

Undergraduate Students taking Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of 96 credit hours may enroll in a limited number of 500-level courses. The Vice President for Academic Affairs may grant an exception for enrollment in a 600-level course. The student shall pay graduate tuition and the course shall be recorded on a graduate transcript. These graduate courses may apply to an undergraduate degree.

(Refer to BOR Policy 2:8 Level and Numbering of and Enrollment in Courses for a more detailed explanation of course levels and enrollment policies for different course levels.)

Last Updated: 1/24/12