General Education Assessment

OFFICE OF RECORD: Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Assessment Coordinating Committee
APPROVED BY: Douglas D. Knowlton                      03-10-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 12/29/94 Last Revised 10/14/08



It is the policy of Dakota State University to assess the general education component of the curriculum on an annual basis and to determine if the general education goals have been met. The goals and student learning outcomes for the system-wide general education and the institutional graduation requirements are defined in BOR Policy 2:7 Baccalaureate General Education Curriculum and BOR Policy 2:26 Associate Degree General Education Curriculum) The Assessment Coordinating Committee will develop the assessment plans for the system wide general education curriculum and the institutional graduation requirements. The plans must meet the specifications in the guidelines for general education assessment.

General education assessment activities will be completed on selected days during the first two weeks of November and the last two weeks of March. All students who have met the criteria specified in BOR Policy 2:28 must participate in the assessment activities. Additional specifications for readmission, remediation and accommodations can be found in BOR Policy 2:28.

Last Updated: 1/24/12