Academic Advising

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Vice President for Academic Affairs
APPROVED BY: 03-21-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 8-25-86 (last revised 7/12/06)



It is the policy of Dakota State University to provide academic advising to students. Consistent with the commitment of DSU to personalize education, an academic advisor is assigned to each degree-seeking student.

The primary purposes of DSU's advising program are to:

  • assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans, which are compatible with their life goals;
  • empower students to accept responsibility for their own education; and
  • aid students' professional development by providing guidance in co-curricular, curricular, and professional choices.

Students have final responsibility for their own academic programs and course schedules. However, students will benefit from the guidance, counsel, and support of faculty who serve as their advisors.

Assignment of Academic Advisor

Students with declared majors are assigned a faculty advisor by the Dean in their college. Students without a declared major are assigned an advisor who has been specifically designated to assist such students. When a student's academic program changes, the student may be assigned a new advisor. Students have the option of requesting a specific advisor, with approval of the dean.

Specific information on procedures related to advising can be found in the following documents:

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