A Grade of Incomplete

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Academic Vice President and Provost
ISSUED BY: Academic Vice President & Provost
APPROVED BY: 03-31-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/25/87 (Revised 11/12/97)



An incomplete, "I", may be given as a grade at the end of a term when a student has successfully completed the major portion of the course requirements but is unable, for reasons beyond the student's control, to complete the requirements of the course in the term in which the student is registered for credit. Anticipated course failure and conflicting personal commitments are not justifications for use of the grade "incomplete".


If an "incomplete" is received, the course requirements must be completed by not later than the end of the succeeding term (term is defined as fall, spring or summer) or the grade will automatically be changed to an "F" or to "NC" for credit/no-credit sections. For each grade of "I", the instructor must indicate by a record to the student and to the dean how and by when the "incomplete" is to be removed. The instructor must attach a copy of this record to the Final Grade Report.

An extension to the one succeeding term timeframe for the completion of the requirements to remove the grade of "incomplete" must be approved by the Academic Vice President and Provost prior to the "incomplete" being automatically changed to a grade of "F" or "NC".

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