Finals Week

OFFICE OF RECORD:Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Vice President for Academic Affairs
APPROVED BY: 03-32-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/22/86 (Revised 11/30/07)



The Vice President for Academic Affairs prepares the fall and spring final week schedule. This schedule is published with the fall and spring semester class schedules. Any changes or deviations in the schedule for an individual student must have advance approval of the dean in whose college the course is taught.

Finals week is an integral part of each academic semester, and it is expected that most courses will conduct a final evaluative activity during finals week. In the event that a final evaluative activity is not held during the time designated in the final week schedule, the instructor will conduct an alternate learning experience during the designated time unless other arrangements have been made with the dean of the college responsible for the course.


No student will be required to participate in more than three evaluative activities on any one day of the finals week. When the published schedule outlines for any student a schedule of excess daily finals, permission to reschedule a final evaluative activity should be sought before mid-semester. Students, after consulting with their advisor, should petition the dean(s) responsible for the activity(ies) to be changed for approval by completing the "Request to Change Final Week Schedule" form which is available online or in the college offices. The dean(s) will coordinate and approve the necessary rescheduling.

If an extraordinary situation occurs, a student may petition a dean to change the student's final week schedule. The appropriate form for seeking approval may be obtained online or from the college offices.

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