Mandatory Registration

OFFICE OF RECORD: Enrollment Services
ISSUED BY: Vice President for Business & Administrative Services
APPROVED BY: 03-45-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 1-6-88 (Revised 7-2-97 )



No student will be allowed to attend a course unless officially registered, whether for college credit or as an auditor, by deadlines specified in the academic calendar.


The academic calendar is published in the University Catalog and in each semester class schedule; additionally, deadlines are posted throughout the campus.

All students not enrolled in the immediately preceding semester must make application to the University. The Application for Admissions form is used for this purpose and is available from Enrollment Services. The Graduate Coursework Application form must be used for graduate course registration. All supporting documentation as required by the Director of Admissions must be submitted on request.

Upon acceptance to the University, the student is eligible for registration. Specific instructions for preregistration and mass registration are sent directly by the Director of Admissions to new students.

Students registering through the mail, by phone, or by the electronic process will be required to complete the same application and to submit consistent support documentation as is required of on-campus registrants by follow-up correspondence.

Students are notified of the amount of tuition and fees and charges at the time of registration. The Vice President for Business and Administrative Services notifies students as to payment deadlines and processes.

Students failing to make payment by the published deadline will have their registration canceled. In these instances, subsequent registration for coursework is only possible with the permission of the Academic Vice President & Provost. Registrations after the late registration period will not be accepted without the written approval of the Academic Vice President & Provost.

Instructors will be sent periodic class rosters in addition to receiving the final class roster at the end of the drop/add period, as well as at the final grading point of the semester. The Registrar requests in writing that instructors notify the office of any student attending class but not listed on the class roster. Necessary action will be taken by the Registrar and the Academic Vice President & Provost.

Last Updated: 1/24/12