Full-Time/Part-Time/Overload Enrollment

OFFICE OF RECORD: Enrollment Services
ISSUED BY: Registrar
APPROVED BY: 03-46-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 1-11-88 (Revised 11-2-98 )



Academic school terms are fall, spring, and summer; inclusive dates are published in the University class schedule. Full-time enrollment is 12 or more credit hours in a term. Part-time enrollment is .5-11.5 credit hours, with half-time enrollment at 6.0-11.5 credit hours. Overload enrollment is more than 18 credit hours. Overload approval must be obtained from the dean of the student's major program or the Academic Vice President & Provost as indicated below.


Determination of Load

Courses conducted on less than full-term schedules will be considered in the credit total for the term during which the course starts for purposes of credit load. Courses for which the student is registered as an auditor may not be considered in the term total for determination of full-time/part-time status, but will be considered in determining overload status.

Overload Guidelines

Overloads must be approved by the dean of the student's major. The following grade point averages for the previous term will serve as minimal criteria for overloads for terms:

  1. Through 18 credit hours - not considered as overload
  2. 2.75 gpa for previous term to approve 19 or 20 credit hours
  3. 3.00 gpa for previous term to approve 21 or 22 credit hours

No student will be allowed to take over 22 credit hours, except as authorized by the Academic Vice President & Provost.


Last Updated: 1/24/12