Class Schedule Changes

OFFICE OF RECORD: Enrollment Services
ISSUED BY: Registrar
APPROVED BY: 03-48-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 1/6/88 (Revised x/x/99 )



A student may request necessary class changes during the scheduled drop-add session indicated in the academic calendar. Full tuition and specified fees are refunded for courses officially dropped during this late registration period.


Dropping a course requires approval signature of the dean and the student's academic adviser.

Adding a course requires approval signatures of the dean, instructor, and the academic adviser. Courses may be added only during the scheduled late registration period. Second eight-week courses may be added during mid-term week as published in the semester schedule.

Class Schedule Change forms are available in the Registrar's Office and the college offices.

The academic calendar is published in the University Catalog and in each semester class schedule; additionally, registration and drop/add deadlines are posted throughout the campus.

The class change is official only after the completed drop-add form is approved by the Registrar. Until notification is received, the instructor assumes the student is registered for the original course. No drop-add forms may be accepted by the Registrar's Office after the late registration period. Extenuating circumstances must be documented by the student, instructor and/or adviser in writing to the Academic Vice President.

Students wishing to drop a course after this late registration period will be required to withdraw from the course. See "Withdrawal" (#03-47-00).

Students who are currently enrolled for only one course and who wish to drop this course are actually "withdrawing from college." Please reference Policy #03-47-00 "Withdrawal" for further instructions

Last Updated: 1/24/12