Release of Deceased Student Records

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Registrar
APPROVED BY: 03-55-01



DSU regards the academic records and credential (placement) files of deceased students as confidential information. The academic records may be released at the discretion of the University Registrar or designee, and credential (placement) files may be released at the discretion of the Director of Career and Placement Services or designee.


The record can be released only upon receipt of a written request sent to the DSU Registrar for academic records or the DSU Director of Career and Placement Services for credential (placement) files. The record will only be released to a spouse, parent, the executor/administrator of the estate, a child, sibling, or court order or subpoena.

The request should contain as much of the following information as possible-

  1. All names of the former student
  2. Social security number or student ID number
  3. Date of birth
  4. Dates of attendance

The request must also contain this information-

  1. Name and address of person requesting information
  2. Relationship to former student - spouse, parent, executor/administrator of the estate, child, sibling
  3. Signature
  4. Date of request
  5. Death certificate (photocopy is acceptable)

(For more information on academic transcripts, see DSU Transcript Policy, 03-55-00.)

Last Updated: 1/24/12