Student Success Committee

ISSUED BY: President
EFFECTIVE DATE: 10/2/12                                 04-12-00 
APPROVED BY:  Dr. David Borofsky, Pres



The Student Success Committee is responsible for the coordination of the campus-wide efforts related to student success. The Committee’s responsibilities include: 

  1. Implement and evaluate the university’s student success plans
  2. Collaborate with the Institutional Effectiveness Committee to ensure the colleges and functional units’ student success plans are incorporated into the campus-wide efforts related to student success
  3. Evaluate data to monitor student success activities and support institutional improvement
  4. Ensure that the campus is informed of all student success activities

Committee Membership

The Student Success Committee will consist of: 

  1. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs, who will serve as co-chairs. 
  2. The President
  3. The Director and Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
  4. The Associate VP for Enrollment Management / Marketing
  5. The Director of Extended Programs
  6. The Deans Council
  7. One student recommended by Student Senate
  8. One faculty recommended by the General Faculty
  9. The champions of the various student success project teams, including the following (note that these specific projects may change from year to year);
    • Freshman Year Residential Experience
    • Mentoring
    • Starfish Implementation
    • StrengthsQuest
    • Freshman Year Intervention Team
    • Math Interventions
    • Pilot Project on Academic Advising
    • Honors program


The Committee will meet a minimum of twice per semester during the academic year.

Adhoc Project Teams

Project teams will be formed to work on specific student success issues / projects on an annual basis.  Other faculty, staff or administrators may be added to the project teams as needed.


Last Updated: 11/1/12