Student Association Senate

OFFICE OF RECORD: Student Affairs
ISSUED BY: Student Association Senate
APPROVED BY: 04-20-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 3/20/87 ( Reviewed 2/8/08 )



The Student Association Senate is to assist in promoting the general welfare of the University and to serve as an organized medium for expressing the opinion of the students on matters of general concern. It is also the Student Association Senate's responsibility to make recommendations to the President on the General Activity Fee and maintain student representation on all Institutional and Ad Hoc Committees.


Election of Members

The Student Association Senate will consist of the Student Association officers (President, Vice President, and Executive Secretary), who will also serve as officers of the Student Association Senate, ten senators for enrollment of 1,000 or less, and one senator for each additional 100 students over 1,000. These members will be elected by the student body of Dakota State University in a general election held at the end of the academic year.

Appointment of Chairperson

The Chairperson will be the Student Association President who is elected by the student body of Dakota State University in the general election. The Vice President / Dean of Student Affairs will serve as the non-voting advisor.

Frequency of Meetings

The Student Senate shall meet at least twice per month at a time and place agreed upon by a majority of the members.

Other Procedures

The Student Association is authorized to operate under a formal constitution and by-laws. All other procedures are outlined in the Student Association Constitution and By-laws, a copy of which is located in the Student Senate Office.

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