Career Service Employees

OFFICE OF RECORD: Business Office
ISSUED BY: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: David Borofsky                                   04-25-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 7/15/87 ( Reviewed 1/30/13)



The Career Service Act established a system of career service personnel management for the executive branch of state government which addresses appointment, promotion, compensation, removal, transfer, and other matters related to personnel management. (SDCL 3-6A-1) 1974. It is the policy of Dakota State University to adhere to the rules and regulations promulgated under the Career Service Act.


Under Board of Regents guidelines, Career Service Act personnel at DSU are governed by the following:

  1. Board of Regents Policy Manual, Section 4,
  2. Administrative Rules of South Dakota, ARSD 55:01,
  3. South Dakota Codified Law, 3-6 and 3-6A, and
  4. Joint Powers Agreement between the Bureau of Human Resources and the South Dakota Board of Regents.

The policies and procedures affecting Board of Regents Career Service Act personnel on issues such as hiring, employment practices, and grievance procedures are located in the Board of Regents Policy Manual and the Administrative Rules of South Dakota.

For interpretations or resolutions of policies stated in above documents, please contact the Director of Human Resources.

Copies of the above documents are maintained by the Director of Human Resources in the Human Resources Office and are also available on-line on the DSU Human Resources web page:

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