Bookstore Users Committee

ISSUED BY: Vice President for Student Services
APPROVED BY: 04-31-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 6/5/87 ( Revised 4/13/99 ) Reviewed 3/6/09



The Bookstore Users Committee is established to advise the Vice President for Student Services and Bookstore Manager on the Bookstore's operating and financial goals and practices.


  1. The Bookstore Users Committee shall consist of six voting members. Those members shall be two faculty members, two students, and two career service employees. Members will be appointed by the General Faculty, the Student Senate, and the Career Service Council President, respectively. The membership of the Committee will be re-appointed at the beginning of each fall semester.
  2. The Bookstore Manager shall serve as the Chair and shall be responsible for developing the agenda for meetings.
  3. The Bookstore Users Committee shall meet at least once per semester.

Last Updated: 1/24/12