University Code of Conduct Board

OFFICE OF RECORD: Student Affairs
ISSUED BY: VP/ Dean for Student Affairs
APPROVED BY: Douglas Knowlton 04-35-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 6/15/87 ( Revised 5/25/05 )



The University Code of Conduct Board will hear cases of alleged violation(s) of Student Conduct Regulations, as referred by the Code of Conduct Coordinator, and recommend to the Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs the appropriate sanction(s) that the Board finds appropriate in those instances where a student is found in violation of Student Conduct Regulations.


Members shall consist of five faculty plus one faculty alternate and five students plus one student alternate appointed by the President of the University, a Computing Services representative and a Student Services representative, who shall serve as advisor. At least one faculty member will have expertise in a technology-related area. The faculty shall be appointed for three-year overlapping terms, and the students shall be appointed for one-year terms. Faculty nominations will be forwarded to the President by the General Faculty at the end of the spring semester, and student nominations will be forwarded to the President by the Student Senate at the beginning of the Fall Semester. The Computing Services and Student Services representatives will be appointed by their respective directors.

Composition of Board
The composition of the Board at each disciplinary hearing shall include a minimum of two faculty and two students, selected on a rotational basis from the full membership, together with the Board's advisor. A quorum shall consist of five voting members. The Computing Services representative will be included for those cases in which the violation involves details of a technical nature.

Frequency of Meetings
The Board meets at the call of the Code of Conduct Coordinator.

Voting members shall serve as chair on a rotational basis.

Last Updated: 1/24/12