General Activity Fee Allocations Committee

OFFICE OF RECORD: Student Affairs
ISSUED BY: General Faculty
APPROVED BY: Douglas Knowlton                                               04-36-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 2/2/87 ( Last Revised 11/02/11)


The General Activity Fee Allocations Committee shall be responsible for 1) annually recommending to the President of the University, for the following school year, the amount of the General Activity Fee and the detailed budgets for those activities receiving funding from the Fee, and 2) allocating, upon request during the school years, supplemental funding to regularly-funded activities and special funding to other recognized campus organizations.


Election of Members
Voting members shall consist of three faculty members selected for three-year overlapping terms (per section 3 of Article VII of the General Faculty Constitution), the Student Association President and five students appointed by the President of the University upon recommendation of the Student Senate for one-year terms.

The Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs shall serve as non-voting chairperson. The Vice President for Business and Administrative Services and the Director of Budget and Grants shall serve in an advisory (non-voting) capacity.

Frequency of Meetings
Meetings shall be held as necessary to carry out the business of the committee. 

Last Updated: 1/24/12