Scholarship Committee

OFFICE OF RECORD: University Advancement
ISSUED BY: Scholarship / Endowment Coordinator
EFFECTIVE DATE: 5/17/10                                                                                      04-60-00
APPROVED BY: Douglas D. Knowlton, President



To ensure equity and fairness in the distribution of DSU scholarship funds, a campus-based scholarship committee will be appointed to oversee the awarding process. The committee will primarily assist in awarding of endowed and annual scholarships that fall outside of the DSU Champion Scholarship program, but may serve in an advisory role related to criteria and awarding of the Champion Scholarship program. Specific responsibilities of the committee will include the following:

  1. Assist in the selection of recipients of specific awards not qualifying as a DSU Champion Award.
  2. Review DSU Champion Scholarship recipient selection (New and Transfer) and assist in matching to DSU Endowed and Annual Scholarship criteria used to fund the Champion Scholarships.

Information and recommendations of applicants qualifying for Champions and other named scholarships will be provided to committee from applications submitted and/or student data base information.

Exception - The committee will not review applicant information for annual scholarships where the outside organization determines the recipient, athletic scholarships where coaches determine expenditures within their sport area, or other scholarships where the recognition is not linked to a general scholarship committee making a selection but is awarded as a DSU named scholarship.

The composition of the committee will include one faculty representative from each of the academic colleges, one representative from Admission or Financial Aid, and one student services representative. The Director of the DSU Foundation will serve as chair.

The committee activity will be primarily during the 2nd half of the spring semester and during the summer. Other periodic meetings will be scheduled as needed, up to once per month.

Last Updated: 8/31/12