Registration of Graduate Students

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Graduate Studies & Research
ISSUED BY: Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
APPROVED BY: Douglas D. Knowlton                   05-32-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 12/22/99 (Revised 12/27/07)



Graduate students must maintain continuous registration in their degree programs by registering for at least one course each academic term (summer, fall, and spring) until all requirements for the degree are completed. Students who are unable to take a course in a particular academic term must register for program sustaining credit that semester. Program sustaining registration carries zero credit and requires no tuition or fee payment. Students who do not maintain continuous registration will be suspended from the program following normal suspension procedures. (See also BOR Policy 2:4 Registration, DSU Policy 05-34-00 Satisfactory Progression/Normal Academic Standing and DSU Policy 03-45-00 Mandatory Registration for further discussion of registration and DSU Policy 03-30-00 Appealing Academic and Administrative Decisions for discussion of appeal procedures)


The academic school terms are summer, fall, and spring. The start and end dates for each semester are published in the university schedule. Each semester, the registrar's office announces deadline dates and procedures for student registration (See BOR Policy 2.6 Academic Calendars for a discussion of the registration dates). Graduate students, in consultation with their academic advisor or advising committee, are responsible for selecting courses that meet the requirements of their Plan of Study. Graduate students should consult regularly with their advisors to discuss course selection. Graduate students register through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

Changing Class Schedule - Drop/Add

Students may drop or add a course following the procedure published by Enrollment Services, and within the official drop/add period. (See DSU Policy 03-48-00 Class Schedule Changes and BOR Policy 2.6 Academic Calendars for a discussion of the drop and add date). Students wishing to drop a course after this late registration period will be required to withdraw from the course. (See DSU Policy 05-39-00 Withdrawal of Graduate Students).
Registering for Independent Study

Independent Study credits are permitted at the graduate level with the approval of the instructor, the graduate program's coordinator, and the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and only under the following (or similar) conditions: the student has been unable to take the course when it was offered, and to wait to take it the next time it is offered would cause an undo delay in the student's graduation or create problems with course sequencing. Prior to the independent study course being offered, the Graduate Council must approve a syllabus for that particular course. Copies of the syllabus must be maintained in the college office, the Office of Graduate Studies and Research and the Vice President for Academic Affair's office. (See DSU Policy 03-01-00 Special Topics/Independent Study/Seminar Courses)
Registering to audit a course

Auditing courses by graduate students will be a matter of record and will be shown on their academic transcript. Students must register for courses they wish to audit, indicating the audit option, and pay the established tuition and fee. No credit is given for the audited course. Credits for audited courses are not counted in calculating graduate full-time, part-time, or overload status and credits are not used to calculate GPA. (See DSU Policy 03-49-00 Auditing a Course.)
Undergraduate Registration in Graduate Courses

Matriculated undergraduate students whose undergraduate record is such that they can qualify for admission to the graduate program, may, in their final semester, register for a limited number of graduate courses (600-level only) for graduate credit. Graduate-level courses are open to undergraduates only by exception. Registration requires the permission of the dean of the college in which the course is offered and the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. Such permission does not constitute admission to the graduate program. Undergraduate students may not register for 700 or 800 level courses. (See BOR Policy 2:8 Levels and Numbering of Courses.)

Graduate Registration in Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students who wish to take an undergraduate course may do so. However, no undergraduate course will meet a graduate requirement. Nor will an undergraduate course count in the Plan of Study. Total undergraduate and graduate hours must not exceed the maximum hours permitted for the graduate course load. The reduced tuition rate permitted for graduate assistants also applies to undergraduate courses.

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