Transfer of Credits for Graduate Programs

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Graduate Studies and Research
ISSUED BY: Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
APPROVED BY: 05-51-00



Academic courses will be transferred as meeting graduation requirements if the courses parallel the scope and depth requirements for the degree or if the courses meet electives required for the degree. (See BOR Policy 2:5 Transfer of Credit)

The following minimum conditions must be met before graduate-level credit can be accepted:

  • The institution is regionally accredited at the Master's level.
  • The student must have been in good standing in the institution from where the credit is transferred.
  • The grades in courses transferred are "B" or better;
  • These transfer credits must have been completed no more than four years prior to commencement of the DSU graduate degree program.

The program committee for each degree program may establish specific program-level processes and criteria for course evaluation. Transfer credit from another institution will be recorded on a DSU transcript only if the transfer work is accepted as part of a DSU graduate degree. Limitations on transfer credit are determined by BOR Policy. (See BOR Policy 2:29 Definition of Credits and Related Institutional Requirements)


The request for transfer credit should accompany the Plan of Study during the first semester in the program in order to avoid any misunderstanding regarding acceptance of such credit. An official transcript must accompany all requests for approval of transfer credit, unless such transcript is on file with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

The graduate program's coordinator will coordinate the evaluation of the credit transfer request with members of the graduate program's committee. The transfer credit approval form must be signed by the student's advisor, the graduate program's coordinator, and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.

Students may appeal transfer credit decisions. (See DSU Policy 03-30-00 Appealing Academic and Administrative Decisions)

Last Updated: 1/24/12