Opportunities to stay in college!

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During a tightening job market, the best decision you can make is to stay in school.
Consider why:

  • Increased earning potential. Workers with a bachelor's degree earned an average of $56,788 in 2006 while those with only a high school diploma earned and average of $31,071.
  • A college degree opens doors for numerous career fields. As the job market tightens, many companies are requiring degrees for even entry level positions.
  • The reality is that college costs rise every year. Staying in school now will give you a head start on a career, at a better value than if you stop and start again later.
  • You are in a studying-mode right now. Stop, and restart later, and you'll have to relearn study skills, test taking, and maybe even some basic academic courses.

"A strong commitment to your education is an investment in your future. The more education you attain, including the bachelor's degree and beyond will significantly increase your career and earning potential over a lifetime.

In a changing world and a global job market, it is important that you take advantage of every opportunity that gives you a competitive edge. Your technology-focused education at Dakota State University does just that."

Mr. Jesse Wise,
Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs
Last Updated: 2/24/12