Opportunities for furthering your education

Are you thinking of earning a graduate degree?

Jump Start GraduateThe DSU Graduate Office offers Master of Science degrees in Information Systems, Information Assurance, Health Informatics and Education Technology. We also offer a Doctor of Science in Information Systems.

What is graduate education?

Graduate education is more specialized in the areas of interest/knowledge that you want as compared to an undergraduate degree that offers more of a general course of study. You will develop more specialized skills in a concentrated area for your profession of choice or area of research.

Why go to grad school?

Earning your graduate degree can help determine how quickly and how far your career can advance you. Receiving an advanced degree can offer you greater flexibility in choosing a career path that's right for you, increased level of responsibility, increased ability to master complex problems and projects, and ultimately increase your earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one-sixth of the fastest growing occupations for 2006-2016 require a master's or doctoral degree. 1

Benefits of a Masters Degree

Earning potential
"Data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that annual income is strongly related to degree attainment. The average income for those with a master's degree was $54,533 per year, while those with an undergraduate degree earned an average of $45,394. Those with a doctorate earned, on average, $81,430 per year, and those with a professional degree earned, on average, $99,253 annually (Bureau of the Census P23-210, 2002)." 2

Employment Opportunities
More jobs are requiring advanced degrees in area of technology, healthcare, and education and these companies are seeking graduates who can master these complex topics and projects.

Better job security
With unemployment rates at an all time high, more people are turning to colleges and universities to further advance their skills and education to find that fulfilling and stable career.

Benefit of Advanced Degree
An advanced degree can make your résumé more competitive and give you that edge you need to get that rewarding and secure job you want in this economic whirlwind.

Grad school can give you more opportunities for making important connections for that future job since many grad students and faculty are in the work force. They have the capabilities to share with you and the University any open or future jobs in your specialized areas.

Let DSU graduate school be your next stepping stone to a rewarding career!

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Last Updated: 2/24/12