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Database Trials Currently Available

Database trials are currently available

Newspaper databases and some other databases are currently available from March 4 - 22 in a statewide database trial. The trial access is provided to allow us to evaluate the potential value of the databases to our library users. To access the databases and get more information, go to Statewide database trials. Click on a database's name to access it.

The main audiences for most of the databases are school and public libraries; however, the newspaper databases -- Proquest Newspapers and Newsbank -- may be useful to universities. Note that the Mundt Library already subscribes to the Credo database.

The trial site provides evaluation forms that go to the State Library. If you would like the Mundt Library at DSU to seriously consider subscribing to any of the databases, please send your request and reasons the library should subscribe (or any questions) -- to the librarians.

Last Updated: 3/5/13