Bachelor of Science in Education in Biology

Biology Education

Even as a little kid, you sloshed through ponds catching frogs and wondering at the little, pearly-black eggs on the underside of a floating leaf. You made necklaces out of snake grass and showed lambs in 4-H. You went to lunch with one eye still unfocused because you were looking into a microscope for the entire previous hour in science class. In short, you've always found life–life itself–a fascinating subject.

You're exactly the sort of person we want to work with at DSU, and exactly the sort of person we want to send into schools to teach the next generation of scientists, researchers, and yes, still more biology teachers.

Teaching biology is often a hands-on sort of experience. When you join us at DSU, prepare to get your hands a little dirty, wet, wrapped around a microscope, whatever. Because we believe you can't teach science unless you've done science.

Come slosh around the pond with us.

Possible Job Titles:

  • Biology Teacher
  • Advanced Biology Teacher
  • Anatomy Teacher
  • Life Science Teacher
  • Secondary Teacher
  • Biology Researcher

Job Outlook:


What are the benefits of a DSU Degree?

  • Class size/personal attention (Faculty-Student ratio):
    • 1 to 18 students
  • Faculty's unique experiences or certifications in this major:
    • Several Arts and Sciences faculty have taught at the secondary level
  • Integrated Technology:
    • Throughout the curriculum, introduced to technology that could be used in their classrooms, such as biology computer simulations
  • What type of special opportunities can students take part in?
    • Senior capstone research project, DSU Math and Science Club, summer research jobs

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Last Updated: 9/19/12