Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Technology

It's no secret that today's businesses use computers. They might use them in straightforward ways, managing documents and data, or they might be marketing quantum computers. Yet many schools teach business courses as if today's workplace still relied upon telegrams and vacuum tubes.

But DSU gets it. You need business fundamentals married to a capable command of technology, and that's true whether you're thinking about a straightforward business degree, accounting, marketing, management, or finance courses. With our degree, you will learn those important, traditional business skills, but you will also be able to write your own computer programs to help your business grow. You'll be able to maintain entire information systems.

You'll be able to make connections and practice your skills in an internship at leading business in the state and region. And even as an undergraduate, you'll be able to participate in real research opportunities, because DSU's College of Business happens to be home to both the Center of Excellence in Computer Information Systems and the Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance.

Hear that sound? That's the sound of a thousand employers raising their eyebrows, all at once. Better get used to it.

This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. (ACBSP)

Possible Job Titles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Applications Programmer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Telecommunications Programmer

Job Outlook:

Very good

Benefits of a DSU Degree?

The College of Business and Information Systems is the largest College on the DSU campus, and in addition to many undergraduate technology degrees it is also home to a Masters in Information Systems, a Masters in Information Assurance, and a Doctoral degree in Information Systems.

  • Class size/personal attention (Faculty-Student ratio):
    • Known for its hi tech and personal touch, students majoring in MIS will find a Faculty – Student ratio in the major classes in the average of 20 – 1.
  • Cool facts or interesting things about this major:
    • For years, the placement rate for our MIS graduates has approached 100%. Due to the high demand for DSU grads, most if not all students find their first job after graduation without ever leaving campus, as a very large number of businesses interview on our campus.
  • Faculty's unique experiences or certifications in this major:
    • Students attending DSU and majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) will find a group of faculty that not only teach technology but to a large degree are involved with technology outside the classroom on a daily basis. This involvement includes research as well as business concerns. The blending of these provides an absolutely unique learning environment to experience.
  • Integrated Technology:
    • Students have the benefit of using one-to-one wireless mobile computers on campus giving them the experience needed to teach in South Dakota schools that are moving to one-to-one classrooms.
  • What type of special opportunities can students take part in?
    • There are various organizations that students can obtain memberships in such as Phi Beta Lamba, Computer Club, Gaming Club, Student Senate, and Kappa Sigma Iota. Scholarships and grants are also available by applying to the DSU Enrollment Services Office.

Read more about the course requirements for Business Technology, B.B.A. at DSU.

Last Updated: 9/19/12