Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Design

computer game design

The shadows move in cadence with the torchlight, spilling across the cobblestone. An arrow whizzes by, and the splintering thunk resonates from a rear subwoofer. You know, after twelve hours of play, a great computer game should be just hitting its stride. Stunning graphics lend the necessary reality, solid physics programming offer lifelike interaction with the world (and awesome car crashes), and a phenomenal storyline always lies at the heart.

You've downloaded the level editors and fan mods. You've thought long and hard about how to make a game still better. You know the limitations of current hardware, and you're looking forward to the next generation video cards and CPUs to drive that vision. We get you, and we're with you. Come build a better game at DSU. Build the skeleton, skin the monster of your choice, apply some physics. And let's go hunting.

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Last Updated: 9/19/12