Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

You're already in-house tech support for your entire family and two of your neighbors. In fact, the guys at the corner computer store have you on speed dial. In your room, there are piles of uncovered CPUs, hard drives, a fishing tackle box full of extra case screws and old 4 meg sticks of RAM, and streamers of twisted-pair cable, but what nobody realizes when they look is that your electronic pile is alive, and that somewhere in its binary heart, some cubicle monkey has just swallowed the red pill. Okay, maybe not, but heck, your dog's shock collar is running a home brew of Linux.

Well, Mr. Anderson, a degree in Computer Science will show you how far your skills can take you.

If you love the bloom of a plasma screen when it powers on and the hum of a CPU fan, you should major in Computer Science or "CS" to those in the know. CS will teach you programming, of course, but also the use of all the major operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. You'll learn how the computer really works by studying the architecture, and you'll also learn how it stores, organizes, and accesses those mountains of information. Best of all, because DSU is the regional leader in all things "computer", you'll have the chance to take advanced courses or even hone your skills to their most elite through one of our graduate degrees.

Possible Job Titles

  • Software Design
  • Software Engineering
  • System Programmer
  • Applications Programmer
  • Analyst

Job Outlook:


Benefits of a DSU Degree?

DSU has an outstanding program that attracts outstanding students. The Computer Science program is at the heart of DSU's mission to integrate technology. Our faculty are committed to providing a top-notch program with an emphasis on student learning.

  • Class size/personal attention (Faculty-Student ratio):
    • Average class size for freshman-level (25) for senior-level (15)
  • Faculty's unique experiences or certifications in this major:
    • Ph.D in Computer Science for all Computer Science faculty
  • Integrated Technology:
    • Everywhere!
  • Special Facilities:
    • DSUnix - student administered systems (Linux, Irix, Solaris, Windows)
    • Information Assurance Lab - networking, security, anti-hacking tools
    • TabletPC integration
  • What type of special opportunities can students take part in?
    • Computer Club (ACM Student Chapter)
    • LAN parties
    • Programming contests
    • MACSTECH Scholarship
    • DSUnix - student administered systems (Linux, Irix, Solaris, Windows)
    • Research opportunities: Student Research Initiative, data mining, artificial intelligence, network security, high performance computing, cryptography, parallel computing, scientific visualization

Read more about the course requirements for Computer Science, B.S. at DSU.

Last Updated: 9/18/12