Digital Arts and Design — Production Animation

You know that scene in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie when the boat sails off the edge of the world? Well, keep it to yourself, but the dirty little secret that Hollywood doesn't want you to know is that this scene was not shot on location. It was created through the use of many computers, a boatload of software, and a veritable crew of designers, artists, 3-D animators, and storytellers.

Digital Art and Design equips you to work in the field of modern entertainment, which requires a new breed of artist and designer, one who works as easily and as well in the digital world as in the real world. From movies to computer game design and everything in between, Digital Art and Design is a major right on the edge of art and technology.

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Possible Job Titles:

  • 3D Graphic Designer
  • Motion Graphics Website Designer
  • Animation Artist
  • Broadcast Design Artist/Designer
  • Game Design Artist
  • CD/DVD Designer
  • Design Visualization Artist
  • Simulation Designer
  • TV/Film Effects Artist

Job Outlook:


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Last Updated: 9/18/12