Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Elementary Education

A row of multi-colored overshoes along one wall; a promising shelf of animal puzzles and Elmo books; one clean markerboard with your name in green, underlined once; a laptop computer and a neon-purple printer; a narrow closet at the back that smells of lavender and chalk. Only three teachers before you have hung their coat in that closet in the eighty years since the school opened.

Your room almost vibrates with the promise of a new year, a new batch of playful, spirited, curious, and promising children will return from recess in nine minutes and propel you into action again: watching the Mars rover check for ice on NASA's website, fraction challenges in math, silly YouTube songs, fabric art projects, and this afternoon a local farmer you know will bring in an incubator full of eggs. The children will learn the about the life cycle of ducks, but you can't help thinking about the similarity between that warm incubator and the four walls of your classroom, the time and effort and warmth you bring each day, and the ideas and energy the children radiate. Not even your student teaching back at DSU could prepare you for the sense of ownership and of pride, and of, well, home you would know someday in a room you fill every day you teach.

DSU's elementary education major is steeped in this sort of awareness, but happily married to the use of technology in the classroom, something every principal wants to hear in an interview. DSU knows that teaching is so much more than the paperwork, certification rules, and lesson plans. Teaching is an utterly human activity, full of emotion and driven by guts and joy. Come study with us here at DSU.

Just leave your overshoes at the door.

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What are the benefits of a DSU Degree?

  • Integrated Technology: Extensive experience with technology in education
    • Extensive experience with technology in education
  • Special opportunities:
    • In-depth field experiences: Outstanding student teaching experiences, students receive practicum experiences prior to student teaching.
  • What type of special opportunities can students take part in? (i.e. scholarships, grants, research opportunities, internships, clubs, organizations, etc.)
    • Council of Exceptional Children (CEC) The largest organization of special education professionals, availability to travel to state & national special education events.

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Last Updated: 9/19/12