Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Tired of hitting pages that look like this one? Do you daydream of creative punishments for the sorry chump who made this page? Would you like to have a few minutes of "negotiations" with the programmer who created Microsoft's Clippy the Paperclip, the one that pops up in Word like an ADHD Jack Russell Terrier, pointing out the obvious, like, "It looks like you're writing a letter!"

Really Clippy? Thanks for pointing that out, Clippy. Good night, Clippy.

Stop fantasizing about making the digital world a better, more attractive, more functional place, and do something! The proud men and women of DSU's Computer Information Systems degree program are on the job. They work day and night —thank you, energy drink— to discover better programming methods, improved databasing strategies, and streamlined web development practices. Join us. The knowledgeable, the proud, the IS majors. It's like being a superhero…without the lycra.

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Last Updated: 9/18/12